RandomAnime was my very first professional, niche site. I wanted to learn more about the world of SEO, and what better way to learn than with hands on training. This website combined my love for anime with that of web design, and has sprouted into quite a phenomenal website that remains atop the search rankings for its respective keywords.

Dynamic, Above-The-Fold Content

This section features a random anime of the day that is completely randomly generated and displayed each day. There is also a rescent additions section that shows users the most recently added shows to the website.

Clear About Statement

A quick paragraph is all that is needed to tell people what this website is and how it works. This section also features instructions on different ways to work with the site.

Simple, Concise Selection System

I wanted the genre selection process to be more fun. Thus, the result was an interactive drop down menu that is both easy to use, and also very effective.

The entire homepage of

Looks Great On Any Screen Size

Responsive Design nowadays is a must. RandomAnime is no exception to that rule. It is built to look good on any screen.

The random anime website as it would be seen on a laptop and mobile device

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