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I don’t know a single person that likes going to the DMV. It’s always a crazy mess.

A couple weekends ago, I could avoid it no longer, I needed to register and title my vehicle in Illinois. I decided to get there in the morning, before they even opened, to try and get a jump on it.

New Illinois License Plate Example

Well. It kinda worked. There was at least fifteen people that had the same idea.

Checking In

Like a normal person, I waited in my car until the DMV opened. However, around ten minutes ‘til, I noticed the other people starting to line up in front of the door. Not wanting to waste my early spot, I got out of my car and joined in the line.

It wasn’t long until the doors opened, and we filed in. I was fourth in line at the check-in. I have nothing against the people working there, but the check-in lady already looked over it.

When it was my turn, I told her why I was there and she asked for proof of address. Thinking I was prepared, I presented my city bill…only for her to turn it down. I didn’t even notice the stub didn’t have my name on it.

No matter, I had a backup. I presented the letter of pre-qualification for a mortgage. She quickly dismissed that without hesitation. So now the panic settles in, I thought I was prepared, but apparently not.

She then asks about the address on my driver’s license, and I tell her it’s current. She says that will work.

Phew. Close call.


I was soon called over to a man named John who was to do all of my paperwork. I handed over my required documents and let him know that I also wanted to do custom plates. His reply was “no problem” and he started filling out the paperwork.

I thought this part would go smoothly…but no. John informs me I need to fill out two separate checks.

I only brought one. Why didn’t I just bring my checkbook? Cause I’m dumb.

Don’t worry, it gets worse. The one check I had…I messed up…so it’s useless.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

John tells me no worries, I can go down to the QT and get a money order while he finishes the paperwork.

Thanks John! I took off as fast as I could.

I’ve never done a money order, but figured it couldn’t be too hard. I walk into the QT and let the girl know I have no idea what I’m doing but this is what I need. She was a really nice lady, and asked for the amounts.

Phew. This’ll be easy.

…Until she told me I had to have cash, can’t do debit.


At this point, I’m panicking a bit. I go back to my car and call my mother, cause that’s what you do in these sorts of situations. My parent’s house was a few minutes away, whereas mine was a good 20-25. As I’m driving to my parents house I explained the situation to them. Luckily, they were awake and my mother wrote out the checks so I could just swoop in and take them.

I speed back to the DMV.

Once I’m back, check-in lady tries to stop me and say that I need to check-in. I explain the situation to her, but she seems skeptical. Keep in mind I literally had a conversation with her not twenty minutes ago. Finally, she tells me to go, I guess realizing the situation.

I get back to John laughing saying he was wondering where I had run off to. He had no idea that the QT only accepted cash for the money order. We share a quick chat about me running around, and then all is done.

I thanked him, and went on my way.

Thanks, John


It doesn’t take much to help someone through a situation. John was a nice man and certainly helped me out. He could’ve easily made me leave, come back, check back in, and wait. Instead, he did everything he could to help me get what I needed to get done.

Thank you, John.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if I actually get my custom plates.

Thanks for reading!

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