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March turned out to be a bit of a slow month for the website, at least from my perspective, which is to be expected.

After all, my wedding is in 8 days!!!

So, let’s go through what I’ve been working on.


Website Script Re-Coding

As I mentioned in the last update, I spent quite a bit of time working through re-coding the scripts of the website. The front and back end scripts got overhauled, which was nice. The result was a nice reduction in JavaScript file size.

JavaScript file size reduction from 241kb to 196kb

The reason behind this re-coding was mostly that I didn’t like the whole “single page app” thing that the website had going on. I think that I made that update going along with the hype, but then discovered it really didn’t add much to the website.

I’m really happy with the result of my minor re-coding. The front and back end scripts are both really tidy now and condensed. I feel like it was a good decision.

Added Winter 2019 Anime

Content is always a big thing on my mind, so I’m glad that I was able to get through all of the anime I wanted to add. The most of the bunch was the seasonal winter 2019 anime.

The Promised Neverland Anime Screenshot

Adding content can be a bit of a drag, but the more the better!!!

After the addition, the anime total sits at 1235.

April Plans

April is going to be a super slow month in terms of updates. Between my wedding and a trip I have planned, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of time for updating.

That being said. Locally, I have another update ready to go that completely removes the ad/donation system as well as ads as a whole. The only holdup with this update is waiting on the minimum payout from Adsense, which should most likely be hit in the middle of the month.

This update cleans up the UI significantly! All the nasty ads will be gone.

Wrapping Up

Like I said, March was a very slow update in terms of updates. Site visits for the month were slightly down, but not too much to worry about. I’d still call it average.

One concern I am tracking is with the search console. For some reason, the site appears to be contested for it’s top spot for the keyword “random anime generator”, which I find odd. The search position has slowly creeped down to an average of “1.7”. I’ve done a little bit of research and can’t really understand why the change, as all other keywords are holding proudly at 1.

Anyway, that’s a concern but it’s still performing.

Thanks for reading, see ya next time.

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