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Every anime season I try to pick out a show that is my “feels good” show.

You know what I mean, right?

It’s the show that you save to watch after all the others you are keeping up with so that you can pick your spirits back up. It’s a light hearted show where you don’t have to worry about your favorite character dying.

Haru the cat

This past season, that show, for me, was My Roommate is a Cat.


The anime is basically explained in the title.

Subaru Mikazuki is a well established novelist who lives in his parents old home after they passed away from an accident. He’s really into books, so much so that he values them more than anything else. He even forgets to eat sometimes when writing. Due to his book loving nature, he is quite shy and doesn’t know how to interact with people.

Subaru hugging Haru the cat

One day, that all changes when he finds a stray cat that he would later name Haru. Who knew that taking in a stray cat would have such a drastic effect on his life?

Good Vibes

This anime is all about the good vibes. Most of the episodes are split evenly between Subaru and Haru’s perspectives, meaning that we get to know what’s going through Haru’s mind as well!

Now there are some sad elements to the story, such as Subaru’s parents having passed, and him struggling with regret. For the most part, though, it’s a light hearted comedy about a guy adopting a cat when he has no idea how to care for said cat, and the cat, likewise, having no idea how to interact with a human.

We’ll also gloss over that one scene where it pretty much presumes that one of Haru’s siblings was killed by a bird….ANYWAY.

Seeing Subaru trying to interact with people outside of his home is super relatable to introverts. I mean, a simple trip to the supermarket was turned into a huge deal…which I can relate to. When you look at the start to the finish, it’s actually quite impressive just how much Subaru grows throughout the series. It’s quite refreshing.

The same can be said for Haru. She starts out as a stray cat that only knows that she has to find food to survive. Soon, she starts to realize that she is special to Subaru, and vice versa. I mean, the scene where she realized that “Haru” was her name, and didn’t mean food, was truly heartwarming.

Haru the cat excited when she sees food

It’s an anime about a cat…what more do you need?!

So That’s That

My wife and I watched this one together dubbed, and I gotta say it was quite the nice watch. It was very leisurely without a whole lot of stress. Sometimes you just need an anime to be relaxing and funny, and that’s exactly what this anime was!

Subaru and Haru the cat reading a book

Thanks for reading.

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