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I keep my hands pretty full with my random anime website, but in between adding anime and launching new features…things can get slow. It’s in those slow times that I always come up with these elaborate niche site ideas. I think to myself “man, I gotta start branching out from just the anime site!” and then set off to create something new.

That’s the thought process that lead to me creating a webp converter web app. It was a while ago when I fully implemented webp images on the anime site. I was able to completely automate the task when adding anime, but editing existing ones was still a manual process. When I had to edit an image, I would quickly search up a webp conversion site in Google and use it. That’s when I noticed…they all looked terrible.

By far, my favorite one to use literally just had an input. As soon as you uploaded your image, it converted the image and prompted you to download. No bullshit, which is why I liked it. On the other hand though, it looked like ass.

That’s when I decided “oh, I’ll just make my own!”…that was like a year or two ago.

I literally just now launched it the other day.

I Procrastinated. Hard

Once I had it in my brain that I was going to make this “simple” web application, I started on it. The design was simple, which is what I wanted. A clean and simple web app, that’s the goal. No crazy, fancy animation and shit.

I think every developer can attest to this, but even creating a simple app or site takes a significant amount more time that anyone realizes. It’s not even the big stuff. The majority of the app goes quickly, it’s the small stuff that nickel and dime you. Debugging, validation, cross browser testing, icons, accessibility, analytics, the list goes on!

I had the main portion of the app coded fairly quickly, but I found myself spending less time on it because the small things are tedious. Then, I would do the ultimate no-no; I’d walk away for a month or two. I’d get busy with random anime or life, and before I knew it, months had gone by.

Another thing any developer can attest to. Code that you wrote two months ago, might as well of been written by a stranger. That shit exits your brain fast.

Just A Tweak…

The next mistake I would always make, and I still do make, even with random anime, is wanting to scrap the main code and redo it. I always think to myself “I can do this better, if I just start it from scratch”. That’s a dangerous way to think, ladies and gents. What does it do? It eats up a lot of time.

I probably re-coded the “main” part of this web app maybe three or four times. Did I need to? Probably not. However, re-coding it helped me get re-familiar with the code and the libraries that I was using. On the flip side, it put the web app in a perpetual state of never being done.

Finally, I Did It

Just a few days ago, I said screw it and launched it. I did some light debugging, after the fact, and wired up some schema markup. It’s out there. It’s live.

The funny part about it is it was basically 99% done for the last 4 months. I took a non-credit course through the college I work at and this app was my main project. So, I put in the time to get it up to speed and polish everything off. But…my habit of “not feeling like it” kicked in, and the rest is history.

But…IT’S LIVE. Thank goodness, it’s live. Check it.

Now I just have to deal with the resounding fact that absolutely no one will use it unless I put in an ungodly amount of time to trying to raise its SEO.

RIP, me.

Thanks for suffering with me.

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