I’ve been burned out on Isekai for quite some time now. I used to get into the seasonal Isekai, but it got so repetitive that I just stopped trying altogether. That’s why I didn’t have high hopes for yet another Isekai with an overpowered set of skills.

Not to mention, this one also comes with a mouthful of a name: Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious. Well, at least it lets people know EXACTLY what they are getting into.


In order to protect worlds from falling into the hands of demon lords, gods and goddesses are assigned worlds and asked to assist heroes in saving those worlds. They are able to choose one hero to summon and accompany to the endangered world. Ristarte is a young goddess with only a couple worlds saved, which is why it was a shock when she received an “S” class mission to save a world; in other words, a very difficult world to save.

Cautious hero, Seiya, slashing with Ristarte freaking out in the background

After looking through tons of application, mainly from Japan cause they are used to this sort of summoning deal, she finds her perfect specimen! Seiya Ryuuguuin. His stats were the perfect fit for this task…except…he’s overly cautious. He’s so cautious, that he kicks the goddess out of her home in order to focus on training, instead of traveling to the world he is supposed to be saving.

Ristarte soon learns that she is in for a world of frustration as she tries to get this over the top, cautious hero to do his job. On the flip side, though, he is incredibly strong!

Comedy, Borderline Parody

This show is definitely primarily a comedy; like, for sure. It is not tagged as a parody, but my goodness does it make fun of a lot of tropes (and itself, really). The dialogue in this show had me rolling. I watched it in English, and the voice actors did a great job of bringing out the personalities of each character. It seemed like they really had fun with it.

Ristarte being weird

The main character especially, who was voiced by Anthony Bowling, was terrific. He absolutely mastered the tone of the IDGAF attitude that the main character had. The tone, the timing, the snappiness of his remarks; they were all great.

I got from this show precisely what I wanted from it; I wanted to laugh and not think about a complex plot.

The Episode 11 Bomb

Slight spoilers for episodes 11 and 12

Episodes 1-10 were what I expected. I laughed along, enjoying myself and feeling pretty good. Then, out of nowhere, episode 11 lands an omega feels punch.

The lighthearted comedy, near parody, turned serious in a hurry when it revealed the back story of both Seiya and Ristarte. My care free watch suddenly got super heavy and sad. You know what? I was okay with it. It may have came out of left field, but it definitely gave more depth to the characters.

Seiya’s tragic past

This and the last episode kept me on my toes, my care free, comedy watch suddenly got real. Is it going to have a happy ending? Are they going to die? I had to know.

All In All

This anime was definitely what I thought it would be, aside from the little feels trip at the end. It was a show that I could easily sit down and watch without having to think to hard, and get some good laughs in.

The English voice actors did an amazing job bringing these characters to life. I’d highly recommend the dub.

Thanks for reading!

Cautious hero funny moment


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