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Project Summary

Buckeye International is the parent company, and main client, of the Loft. They are a commercial cleaning supply company with specialties in hand hygiene, hardwood floors, and proportioning systems. My main projects involving the website were mostly around landing pages. We created pages for specific audiences, such as hospitals or schools, and tailored content to them. I also helped with other standard pages that involved animation (sustainability page) or was JavaScript heavy (FAQs).

Animation Enhancements

Most of the longer, information driven pages on the site utilize scrolling animations to help give a visual of what the user is reading.

A page on Buckeye International that is animated with scroll

Well Organized Content

Important content is easily accessible. For example, the FAQ page can be filtered by category and searched by keyword to narrow results. The questions will also expand to bring focus to their answers.

Buckeye International FAQ page with one question expanded

Fully Responsive

It’s kind of a must nowadays, right?


Buckeye International - Desktop


Buckeye International - Laptop


Buckeye International - Tablet


Buckeye International - Mobile

Device vectors made by Macrovector


Pages on the site always provided a challenge due to, often times, the accompanying amount of information. The landing pages, in particular, had quite a bit of content that expanded the page quite a bit. We had to create well structured and new ways to prevent users from becoming bored with the amount of information, but also keep everything relevant to the topic. The designers would do a fantastic job of creating these pages, and it was my job to implement their creative ways.


Trial and error, along with many reviews, improved the pages as we moved along. There were certain areas that we would think “How can we make this more prominent?”, and would have to brainstorm the possibilities. Simple things, such as an enlarging animation when coming into the viewport, were used to draw attention to details. In particular the sustainability page, we used creative means to visualize the impact of the product.

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