Hawk's By Design

Project Summary

Working at the Loft was my first job out of college, so it always holds a special place in my heart. I was incredibly excited when I was able to participate in working on the new portfolio website. The designers came up with a nice, bright color scheme that utilized icons I could animate. The entire site was built with the idea of “how much fun can we make this?”. It’s still one of the top websites I’ve ever enjoyed creating.

Visual Menu

The main navigation is incredibly visual which gives the users an early glimpse of the page they are wanting to navigate to.

The loft website with image navigation open

Fun Animations

The majority of clicks and hovers on the site offer a fun animation to reveal more information

The loft meet the team page with person clicked

Fully Responsive

It’s kind of a must nowadays, right?


The Loft - Desktop


The Loft - Laptop


The Loft - Tablet


The Loft - Mobile

Device vectors made by Macrovector


They say yourself is the hardest client, and that is certainly true. We wanted to convey our atmosphere at the Loft through our website, while remaining professional. The designers went to work on the layouts, while I began studying basic C# with the senior developer. This was going to be a custom C# application, and I wanted to be able to at least navigate myself around without asking for help every five minutes.


A wonderful team can mean everything. We all communicated our thoughts well, and worked through things in order to bring the website to a state we loved. I was able to learn basic C#, which was an incredible experience. The more complex items I was able to shadow the senior developer as he worked on them. The animations throughout the site came off as simple, yet pleasing.

Check it out

It’s a lot cooler to experience it yourself