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I pretty much spoil the entire show in this article. Just so you know.

Well. It’s been a while. Let’s see if I still know how to do this whole writing thing.

The 100. Heard of it? Well, no one I’ve talked to have heard of it either. For how long this show has been going, you would think I would actually find other people that have watched it.

Anyway. 7 seasons later, it’s over. Done. I can finally move on from this shit show. This show has been like a guilty pleasure for me for a long, long time. Whenever I would ask people if they’ve seen it, I would follow it up with “It’s terrible, watch it.” Because it is. It’s bad…but I couldn’t stop watching it.

The 100 Season 1 – Main Characters

Don’t get me wrong, there were good parts, but also a lot of bad, bad parts. I kept watching after the first few seasons because, at that point, I was in too deep and needed closure. Take the final season; I was more excited getting flashbacks to when the world ended than I was watching the main characters do whatever they were doing. Also, I lost track of how many times someone said “Here’s the deal” that last season, but I swear it was half the dialogue.

So…am I just going to keep shitting on it this entire article? Yeah, probably.

The premise was good, ya know? A nice, post-apocalyptic setting. Now that it’s over, I just have so many questions. So…let’s break this down into the things that bother me most about this show! That’s healthy, right? We’ll do it chronologically.

How did the Ark not know about Grounders? (S1)

The Ark had some pretty dope technology, I mean, it had to be to survive that long. How in the world could they not detect life on the ground properly? I mean, the Grounders literally have a big ass city, how can you miss that? Also, there are animals and what not once they are on the ground. How do they miss that?!

The people living in the mountain, I can understand, they are in a bunker AND they are jamming anything around them. Everything else though, I just don’t understand.

Mountain Men Created Needless Conflict (S2)

The Mountain Men were super dumb. They discovered that the bone marrow from the Ark kids can make the ground permanently survivable for them. They literally could of released the kids, who at that point were not threatened at all, and made a deal with the Ark peeps. Everyone donates some bone marrow so the very few people in the bunker can survive. Then they could’ve joined forces.

No. Can’t have that. Old Man Wallace didn’t even try it; all he tried to do was release the kids once he realized his people are dumb and are going to try and kill them. Then they play the victim when the Ark peeps, aka Clarke, come in and wipe them out. Jeez.

The Bunker and Clarke Surviving (S4)

Alright, so at the end of season 4, the world is ending, again. They have a bunker that can fit 1200 people in it. Octavia wins the conclave and declares only 100 people from each clan can stay in the bunker. That’s…dumb. Skaikru should’ve been prioritized not for winning, but for being more knowledgeable about the technology needed to keep the bunker running. Doctors and engineers shouldn’t of counted against Skaikru’s number.

The 100 Season 4 – Clarke looking at Praimfaya

Then there is the whole Clarke situation. You are telling me she made it down that radio tower with the storm bearing down on her, ran all the way back to the lab, and somehow survived in there? Get the hell outta here. I thought this moment would’ve been the PERFECT time to transition to Bellamy as the full time main character…but nah, guess not.

Season 5 Cluster Fuck(S5)

Season five was very much a rinse and repeat from before. Oh, new people. New people bad. Let’s fight. Along with that, we get to see the absolute struggle bus that the bunker people had to go through during their time down there. This entire season pissed me off.

Let’s start with Clarke. Her character did a complete flip around from wanting to save her friends, or people, to fuck everyone, all I care about is ONE PERSON! Of course, her mother is Abby who is the QUEEN of fuck everything else, save the people that I care about. For four seasons, we’ve seen Clarke sacrificing so much for her family and friends. Then, all of a sudden in this season, she becomes an overbearing mother that would rather kill everyone else to save her daughter than to make a logical decision.

The 100 Season 5 – Bloodreina and her followers

Octavia did nothing wrong. There, I said it.

It angered me to NO END how much everyone shit on Octavia for her decisions in the bunker. The decisions she made saved, what she believed, was the last of humanity. She took away their choice, making them put survival first. Was she a bit extreme at times? Yeah, and she pays for it mentally later, but she doesn’t deserve everyone turning on her. Kane would’ve gotten half the bunker killed. Abby pulled the strings in the background and then blamed Octavia afterwards. Everyone outside the bunker immediately gave her shit.

The only thing, I would say, she was dumb about was the hydro-farm. That was a dumb move.

Bellamy Got SCREWED (S1-S7)

I liked Bellamy from the beginning of the show. God damn, my man got HOSED.

He made tremendous progression from the start of the show, until season 3. The third season is when his character did a complete 180 for no apparent reason. Kind of like Clarke in season 5. It literally made no sense to me why he was doing the shit he was doing, with the experience that he had. Yes, he lost people when he made a mistake, but god damn.

The 100 Season 6 – Bellamy Blake

Then we fast forward to season 7 and his character is…non-existent. He’s literally in two and a half episodes. They completely made him irrelevant. Then, when they did bring him back, they completely ripped his character apart again. Everything he stood for was wiped out after being on a rough planet for a few months.

I’ll put it this way, I wasn’t even sad whenever Clarke shot him. Of course, that may have also been because her shooting him was POINTLESS. There were multiple disciples there who heard the entire conversation, so her killing him was mute. To make matters worse, everyone just accepts it easily after.

The funny thing is, at the end, they all realize he was right, and trying to help them. I don’t know if that makes it better, or so much worse. I didn’t think they could do any one character dirtier than King Roan, but then Bellamy S7 happened.

The Ending Made No Sense (S7)

So, you’re telling me, we went through seven seasons of craziness, for it to end with a “higher being” with a genocide complex to judge ONE person to represent an entire species? What the actual fuck? Worse than that, that “higher being” was judging Clarke for the shit she has done, when they literally murder entire species that they don’t like.

AND THEN, we find out we went through all of that, just for the human race to go extinct anyway. Even the people that do decide to come back can “have no offspring”. So…what was the actual point of the entire series? Everything we went through with these characters was mute in the end. It just leaves a salty taste.

I also found it hysterical that a society, studying a text for hundreds of years, got debunked by a nerdy space boy within minutes just because he knew a little Korean.

Rant. Over.

That’s it. I’m done. I’m sure I can think of some more complaints that I have, but this’ll do. The fact of the matter is, I sat down and watched this entire series. I’ve actually watched the first few seasons multiple times, since I would re-watch any time a new season came out. Maybe I do secretly like this series.

It’s kind of like Sword Art Online; hot garbage that I just can’t get enough of.

Oh. I’m glad my boy Murphy finally got some spotlight. Hands down best character progression in the entire show.

The 100 Season 7 – John Murphy and Emori

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